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Hermle Movements
Superior grade Hermle replacement clock movements, Bronze bushed second wheels, Hardened steel pivots, Milled ratchet wheels. 2 Year Warranty Click on the image for more information TO ORDER CALL 1-434-696-2578 EMAIL ME OR ORDER ONLINE.
Hermle 340 020 Hermle 340 020
Superior grade Hermle replacement NEW clock movement. 8 day, Bronze bushed second wheels, hardened steel pivots, milled rachet wheels, 4/4 Westminster chimes, hairspring balance, 9000 BPH, 5 bottom mount hammers, 1 3/8 inch handshaft length. 1 year warranty.UPS shipping is $12.00 in the USA $189.95
Complete Weight Driven Vienna Movement Complete Weight Driven Vienna Movement
Complete Vienna movement, for new cases or old cases without a movement. Includes movement, 7 inch dial, weights, gong, hands, pulleys, key, mounting bracket, 29 inch lyre pendulum. Hermle # 241-840/ 75cm. 7 inch dial, 7 1/2 inch swing, 34 inch top to bottom, 30 inch from handshaft to bottom of bob. Single back mounted hammer, strikes coil gong once on half hour and counts the hours. 8 day time and strike, 2 weight.Adjustable mount depth of 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 inches.Please email me crescentclock@... $425.95
Hermle 451 050 Hermle 451-050
NEW Hermle 451-050 clock works. 8 Day, Chain driven, Westminster chimes, 8 Rear mounted hammers, Measures 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 6 inches deep, The pendulum length is in CM on the rear plate, I have 75cm, 85cm, 94cm, and 114cm in stock. All this information is on the rear of your clock movement. This is a money saver If you are replacing a old worn movement with a new one. 1 year warranty. Hands shown are not included.If you have a moon dial you will need to switch the gear from your mvt, or order a... $205.95

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