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Keystone Depthing Tool
Keystone Depthing Tool Keystone Depthing Tool Keystone Depthing Tool
The clockmakers depthing tool holds a clock wheel and its mating pinion in the same position they will occupy in a completed clock. By turning the adjusting screw, depthing (or meshing) of the gears is determined exactly - and the distance between the pivot centers is then scribed onto the clock plates with the pointed runners of the tool. As pivot holes are then drilled in the clock plates at intersecting scribe marks, exact duplicating of depthing is assured for each wheel and pinion.
This unique tool offers the clockmaker, the repairman, and the collector a fast and easy way to adjust - observe - measure - prove - duplicate - troubleshoot - most every application of hearing in clockwork without having to partially assemble the movement.
The Keystone CDT-2 is machined from solid 3/8" nickel plated steel plate with V ways for runners and hinges precisely parallel milled. Steel anodized set screws and adjusting knobs are turned and knurled. runners and hinges are turned from quality tool steel. Concealed torsion springs are contained within each hinge providing balanced tension through full adjustment range. Weight and balance is perfect for upright or reclined position on the bench.
An offset crank runner is provided for observing, adjusting, measuring, truing or depthing escape wheel/pallet combinations when the crutch follows the centerline of the escape wheel.
Model CDT-2 includes: Tool complete with 3 cribbing runners, 1 pivoting runner, 1 offset crank runner, beautiful storage/carrying case with protective convolute foam padding and locking latches, illustrated suggestions pamphlet. Dimensional Capacity: Wheel diameter (max.) 3.5" (89 mm) Arbor lengths (max.) 3.75" (95 mm) distance between pivot centers 2.75" (70 mm) Tool body - 3.25" x 7 3/16" Tool weight - 2.25 lbs.

Unconditional guarantee: Workmanship and material guaranteed one full year (obvious abuse excepted). SHIPPING WEIGHT IS 10 POUNDS

Price: $574.95

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